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Suggestions: Ordering, Filtering, Exporting


Thanks so much for this really useful tool, and thanks for fixing the Aggregate Query Limit exceeded error.

This will be very handy for us to examine state of some of our entities.

There are a couple of enhancements which would make this even nicer to use in the future.
  • It would be great if you could allow users to order the results by the column headings - in particular to be able to order by the 'Population' coulmn would be able to quickly display those attributes which have no data in them
  • Similary, to filter the list so that you could just display attributes which have less than a certain % data in them
  • Ading the ability to export the results to csv/excel would be awesome - then we could export the list and do the sorting and filtering ourselves, extract a list of columns for defect reporting or technical specs.
Any of these would really help in the case where we have highly customised entities with 100+ attributes - scanning the list can be tricky without this.

Thanks again,